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Wade \/s Evans Ashtray

  • Inspired by the movie 3:10 Yuma, and the clash that ensues between Ben Wade & Dan Evans
  • 8" x 8"x 2" thick body made of Mississippi Delta Cypress
  • Custom GSTN Stain: Ironwood Cloudburst
  • 5" Diameter Ashtray, cut extra deep
  • Two dueling slots
  • Oil rubbed brass corner protectors

Available in 3 options:
     Ashtray Logo Engraving Only
    Top/Bottom Word Engravings Only
    Both Ashtray Logo & Word Engravings

Wade \/s Evans Ashtray

  • Don't like them? Problem during shipping? No worries. We will fix, refund, and/or repair anything!

  • This item ships free in all of the United States

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