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The Country Pine Scorch Ashtray:

  • Customize your Country Pine Shark Tray!
  • Add a name, initials, or even a logo in any of the three locations:

      1)  Chip Holder
      2) Glass Holder
      3) Center/Front

  • No design fee. I will work with you until you approve the project for production

Just like the original CPScorch, it features:

  • Sturdy thickness of 1.5" and measures 13" x 7"
  • Longer holder to accommodate all sizes
  • 3.25" glass holder that fits almost every size
  • 8.68" Slot supports almost any phone vertically/horizontally with a slight tilt backward for facetiming family and friends, or choosing your next music selection

Country Pine Shark Poker Ashtray w/ Glass, Poker Chips, & Phone Holder

  • Don't like them? Problem during shipping? No worries. We will fix, refund, and/or repair anything!

  • This item ships free in all of the United States

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